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For cooking a superb home-made pizza there is no better choice than an Alfa Pizza Oven
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The Ultimate Outdoor Pizza Oven

Want to tuck into a homemade pizza with all the freshness of the great outdoors? Now it is easier than ever before to enjoy an authentic Italian tasting pizza in the comfort of your own garden.

If you want to take your outdoor cooking to a new level, then a pizza oven is for you. Available as either wood or gas-fired, the pizza oven the latest must-have garden accessory for 2021.

Alfa pizza ovens are innovative cooking tools that can deliver great performances even in the domestic environment thanks to the developments in their technology and design. Freeing you from the constraints on an interior kitchen, cooking alfresco offers more room to entertain and host.

Using the wood-fired oven opens up a world of cooking possibilities as you can make recipes that you can’t normally do with your electric oven. With Alfa’s Forninox technology you can have your favourite crispy Margherita pizza in just a few minutes.

Freshly made pizza is a simple and delicious way to wow your friends and any occasion. But, few things disappear faster than some freshly baked pizza at a garden party! With Alfa’s versatility, you can roast vegetables, fish and meat, bake artisan bread or even warm up a dessert to keep the party going longer.

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The Best Pizza Oven for Your Garden

This year it is all about our gardens and bringing the inside out. With garden renovations being one of the biggest 2021 trends, now is the perfect time to invest in a pizza oven for your garden that will deliver delicious, restaurant-quality food in next to no time.

Available in a range of designs and sizes, as well as the option for either wood- or gas-fired. Modern Pizza Ovens now come with a range of handy features, including wheels and a temperature gauge. 

As Alfa’s trusted UK distributor we’re here to offer you our expert advice on everything you need to know about alfresco cooking and how to pick the best Pizza Oven for your garden. 

Follow our guide to find the right pizza oven for your needs!

Type of Pizza Oven

All Pizza Oven types come with pros and cons, so it is important to do your research. 

Portable Pizza Ovens 

If you don’t have the space to make it a permanent fixture it might be better to consider one that is portable and can be set up at a moment’s notice.

Freestanding Pizza Ovens

Freestanding pizza ovens are the go-to choice for pizza enthusiasts. 

Fuel Type

Both traditional wood-fired pizza ovens and gas-fired models have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wood-Fire Pizza Ovens

Thanks to the intense, extremely dry heat of the flames, wood-fired pizza ovens caramelise the sugars in the dough, resulting in an inimitable taste and a shorter cooking time. Some of Alfas models can even cook several pizzas at once.

Gas-Fire Pizza Ovens

Gas-fired pizza unlike wood-fired pizza ovens don’t require any preheating and are lit simply by pressing a button. The temperature rises very quickly and can be adjusted precisely to within a degree.

Pizza Oven Features

The features of the traditional wood-burning oven.

The wood-fired oven is the most loved ovens. It is a pretty ancient cooking tool that works simply and effectively. Its main features are:

  1. Flavour
    Firewood imparts a really special flavour to food; bread cooked in wood-fired oven does stir up memories of good old days.
  2. Respect for tradition
    That’s the wood-fired oven’s added value. Firewood is the most ancient fuel: the Greeks invented the modern oven that Romans developed introducing clay bricks.
  3. Cooking results
    Firewood has excellent features when it comes to heating up the oven.


The features of the gas-fired pizza oven

The gas-burning pizza oven is very popular both in homes and in the entirety of the hospitality industry because it is cheaper and far easier to operate. Its main features are:

  1. Quickness
    The gas-fired oven reaches the working temperature in no time as you can set the flame at full power.
  2. Easy-to-clean
    The gas-fired oven is certainly cleaner than its wood-fired counterpart; just remove any loose food residue.
  3. Simple and ergonomic
    To operate a gas-fired oven, you only need to push the ignition button, turn the knob and wait for the oven to reach the right temperature. It’s not so simple with a wood-fired oven.

Alfa’s wood and gas-fired pizza ovens

With the arrival of summer, it’s time to prepare your outdoor space to make the most of it cooking and eating together. Often, in many houses, the outdoor space is only used to enjoy the dishes prepared inside but with an Alfa Pizza Oven you can cook directly in the open air.


Alfa Table Top Pizza Ovens

Alfa’s tabletop pizza ovens are compact in size with all the power of a larger oven. Available in 8 different models there is a pizza of oven for everyone!

Alfa Freestanding Pizza Ovens

Are you restricted on space but still crave the taste and fun of a pizza oven? Alfa’s freestanding pizza ovens are the perfect solution. Available in 6 different models and a variety of colours.

Get a Taste of Italy at Home

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