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Luxurious aluminium garden pergolas, carports and garden rooms for premium outdoor living
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Renson Algarve Louvered Canopy

From c.£11,500 + VAT installed. (Based on 3m x 3m.)

Save up to £3000 off any Renson canopy in our summer promotion.


Simply place your Algarve, Camargue, or Skye order by 30th June to qualify*.

* Orders with a minimum product value* of £18k, will attract a saving of £1200.

* Orders with a minimum product value* of £24k, will attract a saving of £1800.

* Orders with a minimum product value* of £30k, will attract a saving of £3000.

All figures include VAT.

*Excludes install charges.

When the call of your sun-dappled patio is beckoning you out and into the warmth of your garden there is no better place to enjoy your landscape than within the luxury of a Garden Pergola. But, if you are looking for a more permanent and luxurious Garden Pergola then a Renson Algarve is for you.

Even the best patios need protection and privacy, and thanks to Renson’s exceptional versatility, colour options and an array of additional options you can create a little bit of luxury in your own garden. 

When it comes to choosing the right pergola for your garden, the weather plays a critical factor, this is particularly true in areas with a varying climate, with scorching summers and freezing winters finding a versatile patio cover is essential for UK outdoor living. 

Committed to all-year-round outdoor living, with a Renson you can rotate the louvered roof of the Renson Algarve by up to 150°, meaning you can constantly adjust the solar shading and ventilation to suit your needs. What about rain? Renson’s got you covered there too, thanks to their innovative rain sensors the louvered canopies will automatically shut, providing protection from the rain. Once the rain has passed, the water will have drained away in a controlled manner via the integrated drainage channels.


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We are still offering Renson Louvered Canopy Design and Installation services across Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the surrounding areas in-line with Government Guidelines. 

We can not attend your site if anyone in your household has covid symptoms, has tested positive for Covid or waiting for test results. You must let us know if any of the above applies as soon as possible and prior to our visit.

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The stylish louvered roof is made of extruded aluminium blades that can be rotated to regulate sun protection and ventilation depending on the needs. When closed, the blades form a waterproof roof in normal showers. Drainage is controlled by integrated channels, which work with the blades positioned at any angle – keeping your furniture and patio protected.

The modular design allows the Renson Canopies to be linked together for larger coverings as well as multiple construction methods, including, freestanding, fitted to an outside wall, recessed or integrated between two walls. 

With an extensive range of accessories available, your outdoor space can be enjoyed from early in the morning until late in the evening. The optional LED lights (in a variety of colours), infrared heating, Bluetooth speakers and retractable screens allow you to personalise your outdoor space.

Dimensions: Max. Span 4500 m x Pivot 6050 mm (in one piece) Max. passage height 2800 mm / 0° inclination

Colours: Available in all 50 colours. Powder­-coated and texture coating (60­80 micron)

Control: Electrical control 

Rainfall intensity: The Algarve can process a rainfall with an intensity of 0,04 to 0,05 l/s/m² which lasts max. 2 minutes. This kind of rainfall occurs on average every 10 years. (Cf. Belgian rain statistics: standard NBN B 52­011)

Wind resistance: Up to 120 km/h for closed blades

Snow Capacity: Up to 110 kg/m2

  • Slender stylish frame
  • High-quality finish
  • No visible electrical cables
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable materials
  • User-friendly
  • Quiet operation
  • Optional rain sensor available – closes on rain detection
  • Optional wind sensor available – retracts screens when the wind exceeds 60 km/h
  • Multiple frame finish options available

Renson Side Elements

Whether you are looking for a glass room pergola, a natural-looking finish or automated protection – with Renson the possibilities are endless.

Glass Walls

Finish your patio cover with a glass sliding wall and add another dimension to your exterior room.

Retain a full view outside

Protection against cold, rain and wind

Can be locked

Can be combined with Fixscreen the         Camargue line


An integrated Fixscreen is fitted flush with the frame profiles of the canopy.  You can also easily add this afterwards.

Square design

Can also be mounted afterwards

High wind resistance

Screen stays taut thanks to the                   Fixscreen technology

Loggia Sliding Wall Panels

The Loggia sliding panels offer endless possibilities. The sliding panels have a non-warping aluminum frame.

Solar shading panel in multiple designs

No visible connectors

Variants with comfortable view outside       or adjustable light entry and view

Require little maintenance

Exterior Curtain

Curtains create an instant cosy atmosphere! You can also combine them with Fixscreens and Glass Sliding Walls.

Aesthetically pleasing finish 

Water resistant, anti-mold,
     dirt-repellent, colorfast

Available in combination with                      Fixscreen and/or glass sliding walls
    in Camargue Line

Choice of 4 colors

Linius Wall

The Linius wall with a horizontal linear structure provides a stylish solution for enclosing one or more sides of your patio.

Shelter from rain and wind


Aesthetic finish can be continued
    through to the wall behind

Space for adding noise insulation

Concealed connection elements

Renson Optional Extras

Enjoy every moment of the day with a Renson Algarve. From Infrared heaters to Bluetooth speakers the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun does!

Infrared Heater and Speaker

The Heat & Sound Beam is the perfect way to create extra living space in an exterior area. 

Comfortable radiated heat

Immediate heat effect

 Aesthetic finish (black ceramic glass)

Orientable radiation angle for targeted.      heating

LED Lighting

Updown LED lights for your pergola add instant ambiance. The LEDs are fitted on the inner side of the roof frame.

LED lighting on the inside of the frame

Fitted with lighting running upwards and/or downwards

Available in warm white light or pure white light and/or RGB (color)


Renson Sensors

A wind, rain and/or sun sensor ensures that you enjoy optimum protection in all weather conditions.

For optimal protection, you can
install rain and/or wind sensor

Sensors react to changes in the

Can be configured

Operate autonomously

Remote Control

The Somfy RTS remote control can be used for various motorised pergolas such as the Camargue and Algarve.

Easy remote operation

Also operable through Somfy’s control
interfaces, from your smartphone,
tablet, or computer.

Why Choose A Renson Louvered Canopy?


A Renson patio cover lets you create an extra living space outdoors. With their range of colours, customisable options and features a Renson gives you a place to lounge, dine, relax, exercise, entertain and much more, whatever the season. 

We are committed to excellence and quality; offer our customer’s a premium range of products that exceeds their expectations.

Superior Quality and Durability

Renson is a European trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation, sun protection and outdoor products. Their high-quality products are manufactured in-house using our ultra-modern production facilities. They put their products through their paces in the most extreme situations to ensure the end result is flawless. This testing process means our customers can rest assured they’re investing in the highest quality.

Minimalist Design

Renson’s products are highly innovative in both their look and design. Seamless integration of optional elements, hidden fixings and fasteners, durable materials and smart solutions combined into a perfectly finished product that can be integrated into every type of home.

Endless Personalization Possibilities

We can offer you the perfect custom solution with Renson’s modular product design and countless integrated options. Custom screens, a wide choice of colours, sliding panels in various designs, glass walls, heating and music are just a few of the options that allow you to create a unique personal solution.

Ultimate Ease of Use and Maintenance

Renson’s products are designed to retain their quality and ease of operation for many years, in all types of weather. To ensure you can enjoy our products every day with as little maintenance as possible, they use materials of the highest quality that are guaranteed to last.

Renson Algarve Variations

We’ve got your covered, the Algarve collection includes a few variations of the standard patio cover.

Renson Algarve 'Classic Line'

A durable patio over with a beautiful classic look.

Algarve ‘Classic Line’ is a classic line in the range of patio covers with adjustable aluminium blades in the roof – letting you determine just how much or how little sunlight is let in. The classic finish, shown in the adjacent image, provides a reliable, maintenance-friendly solution with a beautiful, classic appearance. 

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This patio cover can be mounted to the wall or used as a stand-alone element, making it the ideal solution for a rustic or classic architectural style.

Renson Algarve Canvas

Elegant fixed canvas roof with long-lasting protection.

Within the Algarve collection you can also choose a canopy with a fixed roof,  ‘Algarve Canvas’. This slender aluminium structure boasts a fixed roof making it the ideal solution for a carport for your car(s) or for a fixed-roof canopy.


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The fixed roof is made up of 2 layers: a robust upper roof in painted profiled sheet steel with an anti-condensation coating and an aesthetic lower roof finished with stretched fabric using zip technology, known from the Fixscreen fabric solar shading. The fabric is stretched tight in the structure, with no visible intermediate beams and is available in 8 colours.

Add a Renson Algarve to Your Garden

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