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Luxurious aluminium garden pergolas, carports and garden rooms for premium outdoor living
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Renson Louvered Canopies

Supreme Quality and Durability

Renson Louvered Canopies are the worlds most luxurious aluminium garden pergolas. Their design and versatility allow you to create extra living space outdoors that suits your lifestyle. 

A large patio, garden or poolside area may be one of your homes most loved features, but without shade, shelter and privacy, these outdoor living spaces can quickly become uncomfortable and unsued. This is particularly true in areas of varying climate, with scorching summers and freezing winters finding a versatile patio cover is essential for UK outdoor living. 

As a Renson Ambassador, we are experts in the design and installation of these pergolas. With our passion for luxury outdoor living, we can maximise any space. All Renson Pergolas are based on an aluminium frame, and due to their innovative design can be installed as a freestanding structure or cantilevered off your facade. 

Whether entertaining, dining or cooking alfresco with Renson’s optional upgrades that include automatic solar shading, LED lighting to create more atmosphere and even audio and heating elements a Renson works for you. 

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Luxurious Patio Covers

Protect yourself against the sun, wind and rain

Renson Algarve Louvered Canopy

The Renson Algarve is an exceptionally versatile pergola. It can be attached to the facade or freestanding. You can even connect various pergolas to each other. The Renson Algarve comes in many colour combinations and the unique Classic Line has decorative frames and extra ornamentation which means the pergola always blends in with the style of your home and garden.

  • Slender support structure
  • Screws are concealed  invisibly
  • Extensive range of side elements
  • Coupling up to 6 m x 6 m without additional column

Renson Camargue Louvered Canopy

The Renson Camargue is for anyone who loves an attractive, sleek finish. All the options and side elements are seamlessly integrated. How about using elegant sliding panels as a wall, or cozy lighting for late nights?  The Somfy remote control lets you easily close or tilt the louvers on the pergola. Once the rain has passed, you can quickly and easily open the roof again while the water will drain away in a controlled manner. 

  • All accessories are beautifully integrated
  • Customised down to the last inch
  • Multi-part coupling can also be retrofitted
  • Widest range of side elements

Renson Camargue Skye Louvered Canopy

The Camargue Skye pergola with fully retractable roof gives you an open feeling, while keeping you secluded. You can rotate the aluminum louvers on the roof of the pergola according to your preferences. You can even slide them open fully thanks to the S-drive technology.

  • Pergola with fully retractable roof
  • Durable rotation and sliding technology thanks to patented S-drive technology
  • All accessories are beautifully integrated
  • Multi-part coupling in span direction can also be retrofitted

The Best Pergola Ideas for Your Garden 

Covering your patio or decking makes your outdoor space a more usable enjoyable one. When it comes to choosing the right Pergola for your garden there’s a lot you need to consider, but as a Renson Ambassador, we are here to help. 

With Renson’s Louvered canopy you can comfortably sit outside when the sun is at its hottest or let in the sun when you need a bit of warmth. An extension to your home, a Renson provides you with a comfortable place to cook and dine alfresco, enjoy intermate time with friends and family or entertain guests all year round. 


The placement of your Renson may seem like an obvious one, but whilst you may have a precise idea of where you want your Pergola to go you also need to think of the practical issues over where it’s placed.

For example, is the patio area big enough? Is there enough access to install the Renson? Will the structure have an impact on sunlight and your existing plants? Do you want a freestanding or cantilevered?

As Renson Ambassadors we are experts in the design and installation of the Renson Outdoor Living Product range, which means we can answer all these questions for you!


A Renson Louvered Canopy comes in a variety of standard and bespoke sizes. When choosing the right size for your space you need to consider the size of the area and what you intend to use your space for. 

Some people are looking for an intimate space to enjoy a relaxing drink in the evenings whilst others are looking for a luxurious space to place an outdoor kitchen to entertain family and friends. 


Why settle for anything less than perfect? Renson understands the importance of individuality and offers a wide range of RAL colours for your Renson. Match your Renson with the rest of your garden or go for something bolder and brighter. 

Side Elements

Whilst there is no denying a Renson is one of the most luxurious Pergolas available they are more than just a structural element. They are an extension for your home and serve a multitude of purposes. Whether you are looking for an outdoor space to work, exercise, teach, cook alfresco or even add a touch of luxury to cover your Hot Tub, with Renson’s range of side elements you can enjoy your life outdoors in privacy and protection.

Choose from Loggia Sliding Panels, Windtight FixScreens and Glass Sliding Panels. 

Begin Your Outdoor Living Transformation

As Renson Ambassadors we can offer you expert advice on the design and installation of your Renson Louvered Canopy
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